Field marketing

Deepening and Developing Business

Thai Seng Trading’s sales activities are based on visiting end users to obtain information. We use variety of methods to enter each country’s market to grasp the voice of the customer and true demand in the market. All our activities are based on the field based marketing activities which connects manufacturers, importers, and future business partners.

This steady sales activity is the foundation of the trust we have today.

Marketing activity in Thailand


Product Demonstrations

Prodcut demonstration in Nepal

Thai Seng Trading’s basic activity is to demonstrate the actual products at the site and hold trial sessions for users to use. We have built up our current position by gaining the trust of manufacturers, importers, dealers and users through our activities in the site.


Exhibitions / Showroom

Thai Seng Trading actively participates in exhibitions to promote the brand and develop the market. We also have our own local showroom to provide a place where users can see our products.

Showroom in Chiang Mai Branch