Coexistence with culture

Since the establishment of Thai Seng Trading, our expatriates have been conducting marketing activities in the local language. We believe that actual voice of dealers and end users tinges the actual marketing and business.

Market survey at tool market in Indonesia

Global Network

Thai Seng International(Thailand)Co.,Ltd

Thai Seng Trading has established offices in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and India. Local marketing, sales and demonstration activities are carried out in collaboration with local national staffs. We now have more than 150 staff members, more than the number of our head office employees. We speak the local language, respect the local culture and aim for co-existence and co-prosperity, which is our mission.


Nuture National Staff

Nowadays, local national staffs are indispensable for the sales activities of Thai Seng Trading. In order to improve our product knowledge, repair and maintenance skills, we are constantly training our staff through in-house study sessions and manufacturer training trips. We believe that improving the skills of our national staff is the key to the development of Thai Seng Trading.

National Staff in Thai Seng International(Thailand)