Our Vision / Mission

Company Philosophy


1.Our motto is persistence

The business environment is constantly changing which makes it extremely difficult to persist as a stable business and continue to generate profits. Our ability to learn, develop, and adapt to changes is what allows us to do so.

2.Our aim is to create a new customer base and maintain their satisfaction

We do not force our customers to buy and products or services they don’t want. Instead we gain customers by meeting their needs and by building connections. This allows customers to learn about the accessibility, value, and benefits we can provide while ensuring customer satisfaction.

3.Our focus is customer satisfaction.

We should ask ourselves what the customer wants instead of what we want to sell. Products and services are valuable only when they can meet customer needs and give satisfaction. They are useless if customers are unaware or believe they don’t need them no matter what we think.

4.Our goals is achieving mutual prosperity.

As a company we contribute to and support the development of the local economy and society of each country. Respecting each country’s culture and their customs is important to us while conducting localized activities.

Within Thai Seng we create a corporate culture that encourages creativity and teamwork based upon a mutual reliance of responsibility between staff and management.

By sharing strong relationships with our business partners, staff, and management, we all strive to deepen our knowledge and creativity while pursuing sustainable growth and mutual prosperity for the future.