After-sales service

After Sales Service

Thai Seng Trading also prioritize after service sales. Our Power Tools Department has three main service centers based in Thailand and which coordinates with 180 after service workshop. We also have a nationwide after-service network in Indonesia and Cambodia. We have built a system that enables us to respond quickly to local demand for repair services.

Service point in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Maintenance workshops for user

Many of the professional tools sold by Thai Seng Trading requires daily maintenance which must be done by the user. Thai Seng Trading’s added value is to educate users on how to use and maintain the products safely and for a long time.

Maintenance workshops for user in Thailand

Spare Parts Inventory

Inventory in Thailand

Our subsidiary in Thailand has over 20,000 repair parts of stock in our own warehouse expanding 5300 m² of area. We have stock of spare parts with our distributors and dealers, which facilitates to provide local sales, repair, and maintenance services.