History of our Manufacturing

Together with us, International Iron Works Co., Ltd. was established in Thailand, in the 1980s which produces iron and steel products. Joint venture company named S.T. Rubber industry Co. Ltd. producing rubber products was established accordingly. We started investing in manufacturing very early on, and our commitment to manufacturing is based on developing the local economy by improving local skills and promoting employment.

International Iron Works Co., Ltd.


Re-grinding cutting tools in AZ TECS Indonesia

We established PT. AZ TECS INDONESIA in 2004 as a joint venture with Japanese manufacture and local partner for the regrinding of cutting tools and the sale of equipment for factories. The new business model has started from this where sales and re-grinding of tools wasn’t introduced before.

Manufacturing and Sell cutting oil 

In 2016, we established PT. EVER CHEMICAL INDONESIA in Indonesia as a joint venture with Japanese manufacture and local partner, which develop and sell cutting oils. We are developing a business model to manufacture and sell high quality cutting oils locally by inquiring the problems from users’ sites.

Manufacturing oil in EVAC Indonesia