Enter New Field of Business

Our import business has a long history, starting in the late 1980s with the import of traditional crafts from South East Asia, And now we have a wide range of products such as furniture, novelties, industrial rubber products and clothing, etc.

After receiving request from our customers in Japan, select the most suitable factory from our local network, manufacturer, and inspect and deliver the product to the customer.

Imported furniture

New Products Development

Cosmetic prodcuts for drugstore

In recent years, we have expanded our product range to include B to C products, such as Japanese cosmetics, electric toothbrushes, stationery, art materials and cooking utensils, which are sold in overseas drugstores, supermarkets and e-commerce sites.

Social Media Marketing

We are actively using media marketing, mainly SNS, in support of our existing local and on-site approach. We employ dedicated national staff at each base to introduce our products, announce online and offline events, and communicate usage and maintenance instructions in various ways.

Instagram operated in Vientam




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