Business Policy

Our company was established in 1967 by Hiroshi Jojima with a request from companies importing machine tools in Bangkok, Thailand. We currently have 7 representative offices and 2 overseas affiliated companies in Southeast Asia and South Asia, and we are expanding not only in Southeast Asia but all over the world. Since our founding, our policy has been to grow together in tandem with our domestic and international business partners. We build unwavering relationships of mutual trust with our business partners, not as simple clients, but rather as authentic partners towards our future growth and development.

Line of Business by Category

Electric Power Tools

  • CutterCutter
  • PlanerPlaner
  • GrinderGrinder
  • Concrete DrillConcrete Drill
  • SanderSander
  • ScrewdriverScrewdriver
  • DrillDrill

Construction and Building Machines

  • EngineEngine
  • Concrete CutterConcrete Cutter
  • Concrete VibratorConcrete Vibrator
  • Plate CompactorPlate Compactor
  • Air CompressorAir Compressor
  • Bar CutterBar Cutter
  • Bar BenderBar Bender
  • Tamping RammerTamping Rammer
  • Submersible PumpSubmersible Pump
  • GeneratorGenerator

Plant Instruments

  • Conveyor ChainConveyor Chain
  • Chain BlockChain Block
  • ViceVice
  • BalancerBalancer
  • Pallet TruckPallet Truck
  • Folk LiftFolk Lift
  • HoistHoist
  • HoseHose
  • CouplingCoupling

Automotive Maintenance and Production Instrument

  • Pneumatic Impact WrenchPneumatic Impact Wrench
  • Garage JackGarage Jack
  • Air CompressorAir Compressor
  • SocketsSockets
  • Tire Repair ToolTire Repair Tool
  • Paint SprayerPaint Sprayer

Cutting Tools

  • Throwaway TipThrowaway Tip
  • Planer BladePlaner Blade
  • DiesDies
  • TapTap
  • Tool HolderTool Holder
  • Drill BitsDrill Bits
  • Metal Saw BladeMetal Saw Blade
  • ReamerReamer
  • Abrasive BeltAbrasive Belt
  • Grinding WheelGrinding Wheel

Measuring Equipments

  • Measuring CounterMeasuring Counter
  • GaugeGauge
  • Torque WrenchTorque Wrench
  • Vernier CaliperVernier Caliper
  • Pressure GaugePressure Gauge
  • Precision LevelPrecision Level
  • Precision Measuring MachinePrecision Measuring Machine

Agricultural Instrument

  • Chain SawChain Saw
  • PumpPump
  • Brush CutterBrush Cutter
  • Lawn MowerLawn Mower
  • Power SprayerPower Sprayer

Hand Tools

  • CutterCutter
  • SpannerSpanner
  • ScrewdriverScrewdriver
  • Screwdriver BitsScrewdriver Bits
  • Off-set WrenchOff-set Wrench
  • Key WrenchKey Wrench


  • Kerosene HeaterKerosene Heater
  • Health ApplianceHealth Appliance
  • BidetsBidets

Thai New company building Guide

Established a new base in Bangkok,Thailand for the Mutual benefit

A new office and a distribution center of our affiliated company, THAI SENG TRADING (THAILAND) CO., LTD. were established in the suburbs of Bangkok in 2014. The office and the distribution center are placed on a 6,400 square meter plot, and have facilities for the storage of approximately 20,000 electric power tools and parts to be shipped all over Thailand. Adding a service channel to the existing sales channel and building up a stronger relationship of trust with our business partners allow us to realize our mutual prosperity.

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